Solve problems

We will build up a token economy containing a sea of all the problems in the world. If you want to solve something there, you may take your time and efforts. During the solving, you can learn a lot from the problem, and you will get some gems as rewards with real value equivalent to US 5 cents. You can convert the nickels into NODAJI$ (NUSD) tokens.

Predict the future

The future is uncertain. The only thing that we can do is to predict with a probability. You can join for forecasting the events such as election, sports, air travel, etc. If you are right for the event, you can also get your rewards.

Solve & Earn

To solve or predict something from the sea of problems, you may use your time and put your efforts into it. If you are right on the problem or the prediction, then you will get tokens called NodajiFi gems as your rewards.


The NODAJIFI is a sustainable problem-solving and earning token platform, targeting for problems solving and future forecasting. On the NODAJIFI, we prepare for all the problems and future events to learn, solve, learn, earn, and trade, and you can enjoy your life there.


The NODAJI$ (abbreviated NUSD) having US 1 dollar value is the one that you are deserved to have with your efforts. Before joining the problem solving and prediction, you need to view only an ad. Then the value of the ad will be paid back to you as a gem of US 5-cents with an actual value.

The NUSD is working as a fuel, which can drive the NODAJIFI token economy. With it, you can buy or send it to your beloved ones in a remote place with the lowest transaction fee in the world.

The more you need the tokens, then the more you take a participation in problem solving and future prediction events. Just solve it and earn from it!


The NODAJI DAO is a virtual organization where all the token holders are joining to vote and get dividends. To become a member of the NODAJI DAO, you should keep your tokens above certain amount of tokens and a time period. Besides the NODAJI DAO, the NODAJIFI Foundation is also established as a legal entity. in a crypto-friendly country. The NODAJI DAO will govern the Foundation and make major decisions on various management issues.